I specialize in helping people reduce the impact of stress, so they can finally love who they are on every level.

What you can expect

When you work with me, you’ll get personalized support that focuses on your needs and concerns. I will identify what foods and areas of imbalance require support and will create a step-by-step plan specific to your goals. We’ll use powerful approaches for managing environmental, physical, and emotional stressors and reduce their impact on aging, digestion, and hormones.

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4 Powerful Options

The Stress Reducer

This is an effective 6 session package that addresses the environmental and physical stressors that impact inflammatory conditions such as poor digestion, or food, environmental and/or skin sensitivities.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You struggle with food sensitivities and poor digestion.
  • When you get stressed you experience an increase of poor digestive symptoms.
  • Having naturally gorgeous, rash-free skin is something you think you can only dream about.
  • You recognize that you need help getting to the root cause of your inflammation and want an alternative approach that is both gentle and effective.

How can energy based technologies affect my health?

  • Reduce symptoms of stress
  • Reduce symptoms of inflammation
  • Builds a tolerance to foods and environmental stressors

The Loving Kindness Method

A powerful 6-month life-changing program that will totally reboot your life. You’ll reach weight loss goals, conquer negative thought and behavior patterns, control stress and its nasty impact on your health. You are going to be the best YOU possible, enjoying everything from a revved-up metabolism to healthy digestion to balanced hormones. You’ll be supported every step of the way.

“Sometimes she felt very small, but inside she knew she was as big as the sky”

You’re one of us if:

  • You’re ready to gain killer confidence and unbridled joy. No more holding back. No more feeling stuck. No more confusion. You are happy, free, ALIVE.
  • You are ready to create real and sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • You understand that weight loss goes much deeper than just calories in and calories out.
  • You are prepared to commit to yourself and finally implement self-care in a way that dramatically improves your health and happiness.
  • No more spinning your wheels with stress. You want tools to combat its negative impact.
  • You know you need personalized, boutique-style healthcare that addresses your specific needs and goals.
  • You are the kind of gal who wants a scientific method, combined with a holistic approach.
  • You’ll get one-on-one guidance from me and enjoy the support of our online community.

Loving Kindness Recovery Method

This innovative rehabilitation-focused nutrition program runs in 6 month intervals, addressing the unique needs of a person who has experienced physical injury and mild- to moderate- traumatic brain injury. You’ll reach weight loss goals, conquer negative thought and behavior patterns and control stress. This holistic approach will support you every step of the way in your rehabilitation process. We are here to develop real life solutions to help you in your journey back to being your best YOU.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve sustained physical injury, and you are struggling to recover and reach rehabilitation goals.
  • You know that the real you—from before the accident—is still there, ready to shine.
  • You recognize that the stress and trauma of the accident are contributing to the difficulty you have shedding the weight and feeling good again.
  • You require a supportive program that addresses meal planning, weight loss, and lifestyle habits like mindfulness and other stress management techniques.
  • You are having trouble losing weight, controlling inflammation and stress, and you know you need a coach who understands your unique challenges.
  • You have trouble getting to your appointments and need a specialized in-home or community-based lifestyle and nutrition sessions.


The Power of Energy

Learn energy medicine to reduce stress, empower yourself and heal.

  • Learn a series of proven tools to control anxiety and feel instantly calm
  • Learn how to use applied kinesiology to test yourself, children and pets
  • Safely and effectively control a sensitivity to virtually any substance
  • Achieve a healthier body, sharper mind, and more joyful spirit

How can energy based technologies affect my health?

  • Reduce symptoms of stress
  • Reduce symptoms of inflammation
  • Builds a tolerance to foods and environmental stressors

What people are saying about The Power of Energy Workshop

I couldn’t believe how much I learned in one day. I’m using the testing methods taught in the course to ensure my daughter doesn’t have any food reactions.Alison Godfrey
I gained a new understanding on the applications of energy work and how I can implement them in my daily life. It’s amazing how in one day I can apply the strategies I learned. Lisa is an amazing teacher and I would highly recommend her course.Dini Cohen
My daughter and I found Lisa’s clinic to be informative and enlightening. I came away with some very helpful ways to deal with my health concerns. Lisa’s workshop provided strategies that I can use to empower myself. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in being in tune with his/her body.Betsy Lavine


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