Feeling Overwhelmed by Life’s Pace?

Life has its moments, right? Some days are just harder than others.

If stress and anxiety are clouding your days, you’re not alone. And you deserve a helping hand.


They’re like a trusted friend, guiding you back to calm.

Unlock the Power of Tapping

Ever heard of tapping? It’s more than just a technique. It’s a doorway to peace, especially on those tough days. Imagine having a tool that helps you breathe easier, feel lighter, and find clarity. That’s tapping. And with our guided meditations, it’s like holding the key to that door — homeostasis — so each and every cell can function at its highest level.

What’s in it for you?


Dive into 5 guided tapping sessions designed to navigate you back to calmness.


Experience the warmth, the comfort, and the assurance of being led by an expert voice.

Actionable Steps

Get acionable steps to handle stress tailored for those challenging moments.

When Lisa communicates with the body and mind energetically, she is very intuitive and stunningly accurate. She has helped my son and I immensely. For us, her energy work is part of our self-care routine, keeping our body and mind in balance.

Pegah T.

Richmond Hill, ON

An experience tailored just for you

Not everyone’s ready for one-on-one sessions. But you still deserve big-time support. These meditations are like having me with you, helping you tap through the tough moments. Imagine diving deep, releasing emotions, and finding relief — all with a guide by your side.

This is your ticket to inner calm

You’re not just buying meditations. You’re investing in yourself. In moments of doubt, stress, or anxiety, these meditations are your path back to clarity and calm. They’re about healing, growing, and finding your center.

Our last session together was very helpful. I didn’t think it was going to work as well as it did. The next morning, I woke up and felt at peace. It was incredible.

Claudia L.

Vaughan, ON

What’s inside the Higher Vibes Tapping Meditations?

Your investment gains you immediate access to 5 videos (and audio downloads) guiding you through tapping algorithms for:

Each meditation is tailored to address a specific facet of anxiety, ensuring you have the tools to navigate any storm.

We definitely recommend Lisa and her work to anyone with emotional issues. This science provided us with the results we were looking for!

Sophie and Rob S.

Orangeville, ON

Ready for a Change?

If you’re tired of being weighed down by constant stress, those moments when anxiety grips your chest, making even the simplest tasks feel mountainous. If you’re feeling trapped in a loop of worry, uncertainty and sleepless nights — there is a way out. It is these simple, guided practices that can be your beacon on the tough days. Don’t just endure; reclaim your calm, your peace, and the joy in everyday moments.

Higher Vibes Tapping Meditations

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