Meet Lisa

Functional Nutritionist, Mind-Body Medicine, Educator and founder of the Loving Kindness Method, a highly effective mind-body health transformation program.

I’ve spent almost 20 years helping my clients live the happy, healthy life they deserve. I’ve also done a lot of work to live the happy, healthy life I wanted for myself.

My wake up call involved, what felt like, a total collapse of my life. Fear and worry had taken control. I was paralyzed to take action and my health suffered immensely. Prioritizing self-care, and finding compassion for myself helped me regain ME. I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt and I’m taking on more then every before!

My Story

Like most women, I’ve struggled with body image and my relationship with food since childhood. I grew up with fears about getting fat, not achieving enough, and not being good enough in general.

Fears and worry took their toll on all areas of my life. I always thought of myself as generally healthy and strong, but really my health was up and down. I had been living with significant inflammatory conditions like eczema, thyroid disease, and IBS since elementary school.

On top of rash prone, angry skin, I struggled with poor digestion—stomach pain, bloating, and urgent needs for the bathroom were almost a daily occurrence. It never occurred to me that these were all symptoms of a greater problem.

Implementing my own knowledge, prioritizing self-care, and finding compassion for myself helped me regain my best self. Foods helped to heal, nourish, and actually increase my self worth. Changing my diet and my relationship with food made a significant difference in the way I felt about myself, and improved my skin and my digestion.

I’ve learned that there are healthy ways to deal with life’s ups and downs. It is possible to live authentically. It all starts with self-care and taking the time to show yourself loving kindness.

It took methodic steps—they might have been small, but they were steps nevertheless. It took me zoning in and committing to myself. It also meant facing fear. Bit by bit it all started to come together. Using strategies like whole foods, exercise, mindfulness and bioenergetics. It took the choice to live fully and to challenge myself, even when I felt discomfort. Slowly, I was able to love and accept myself. What everyone else saw in me, I began to see. 

I’ve reconnected to my authentic self, I’ve implemented powerful tools for dealing with fear, and I feel healthy and strong. I’ve carved a new path for my life. I am embracing change. I still feel scared at times—that is part of life and living—but I am more certain and confident. I feel resilient. I feel joy.

When you show loving kindness to yourself, it’s so much easier to show love and kindness to others. Everyone in your world will be impacted. Know that through the power of intention you have the capacity to evoke powerful change. When you impact others in a positive way, it spirals right back.

If I can do this, you can do this. I promise.

This is How I Roll…

  • I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, who practices functional nutrition. This personalized approach to healthcare takes into account genetics, lifestyle, disease, prevention, beliefs and stress. There are no generic plans, it’s about tailoring a program that fits YOU.
  • I incorporate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy into my practice. In this way we are supporting body and mind.
  • I practice Vibrational Medicine. Specifically Bio Energetics and Thought Field Therapy.
  • I’m passionate about making healthy food incredibly tasty.
  • I believe managing all forms of stress effectively is THE BIGGEST factor in you living your very best life.
  • At the root of all this is the concept of Loving Kindness. When you learn to show yourself compassion, it empowers you to re-pattern early experience and reorder core beliefs that may not be serving you. Loving Kindness for self has a rebound effect, it bounces back and impacts everyone around you.

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