“If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

 ~ Nikola Tesla, Physicist & Inventor

Holistic Nutrition Approach

Holistic nutrition focuses on an individual’s whole health through evaluation on the health history, emotional state, lifestyle behaviours and dietary habits. The objective of this approach is to support cellular health, prevent disease and manage overall wellbeing. A Registered Nutritionist provides evidence-based advice and information about food and healthy eating.

Disease Prevention

Food Sensitivities

Hormone Health

Insulin Resistance

Digestive Disorders

Weight Loss

Loving Kindness Method

The Loving Kindness (LK) Method is a highly innovative mind-body health transformation program. It’s a nutrition program that focuses on changing the way you think, in order to positively influence health and wellness.

By combining nutrition and neuroscience you’ll learn how self acceptance is the key to you embracing challenges, becoming healthy in mind and body, and achieving your weight loss goals.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT develops psychological flexibility and is a form of behavioural therapy that combines mindfulness skills with the practice of self-acceptance. When aiming to be more accepting of your thoughts and feelings, commitment plays a key role. In the case of ACT, you commit to facing the problem head on rather than avoiding your stresses. Imagine committing to actions that help you facilitate your experience and embrace any challenge.

Mindfulness CBT and ACT helped me and thousands of others develop skills and strategies for becoming and staying healthy in body and mind. It’s also a cornerstone of my Loving Kindness Method mind-body program.

Bio-Energetic Resonance

Bio-Energetic Resonance (BER) uses bio-energetic technology and bio-feedback (Muscle Testing) to assist the body in healing itself by reducing stressors and supporting cellular homeostasis.


Food sensitivities, plants and pollens, molds, fungus, bacteria, household toxins

Skin Conditions

Hives, acne, allergic dermatitis, eczema, and other skin inflammatory conditions

Digestive Health

IBS, gas bloating, food sensitivities and intolerance


Food sensitivities, plants and pollens, molds, fungus, bacteria, household toxins

The World Health Organization has identified stressors as being responsible for 90% of illnesses. Reducing these stressors, identifying the root cause of your symptoms and supporting cellular health, ensure lasting results and an end to your suffering.


  • Reduced impact of stressors
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved energy production
  • Support for efficient digestion and elimination
  • Increased ability to respond naturally to substances



In just three sessions the BER approach helped my stress and over all health have resulted in my allergies clearing up and my energy levels soaring like never before. My mood is great, I wake up feeling well rested and more balanced.

Dave Walsh

Food and Environmental Testing

We can identify substances that are weakening to the body’s energy field, through a technique called bio-feedback or muscle testing. The subject is tested through tissue resistance, in order to determine which substances may be causing imbalance with the individual. An increase in strength in the indicator muscle, or a reduction in the tissue resistance, confirms the body’s ability to process the substance or electromagnetic signature being tested.

This is a non-diagnostic tool, as it does not provide quantifiable feedback, but provides a reflection of what is imbalanced in the body. This knowledge assists the BER practitioner in creating resonance and therefor symptom improvement.

Thought Field Therapy

TFT is a system that uses energy points throughout the body to release distress in order to overcome emotional problems, defeat fear and anxiety, and alleviate suffering. It’s a technique that can truly empower the individual to help his or her own emotional state.

Have you check out the tapping algorithm to instantly feel calm?


I can’t get enough of nature and animals. We have so much to learn from them. As I’ve been practicing energy based work, I’ve often been asked to work on pets. It’s been such a unique experience helping little critters feel their very best too.

** These sessions are booked privately. Please contact me if you have a fur baby who needs help with what you suspect are food and environmental intolerances.

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