1. I practice Energy Medicine.
  2. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
  3. I’m passion filled for making healing food incredibly tasty. I’ll be helping you make fast eats, but also doing my best to inspire you to create intoxicating dishes too.
  4. I recognize that you and I are multidimensional beings and so you need the WHOLE you looked after. I’ll be helping you do that.
  5. Managing all the different forms of stress effectively is THE BIGGEST factor in you living your very best life.
  6. It all comes down to LOVE. I know cheesy. When you’re showing yourself some love and kindness, you’ll be set up to beam that light towards everyone you meet. That’s life changing.
  7. I really love nature and animals. I do NOT force feed my love of tree hugging, but it influences how I work and the information I provide. We’ve got one life to live and one planet to live it on. I for one wish to leave it for the next generations to flourish. My thoughts are we must make choices that lead to better for all. Peace and love baby!

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