Tap into the Healer Within

Understanding vibration and the basis of bioenergetics has changed my life and health. Tapping techniques are powerful modalities that can be used to help bring the body back into balance, so that it can heal. Tapping or applying vibration to specific points on the body creates an electric charge that travels through fascia tissue releasing emotional blockages. I’ll teach specific techniques you can use right away with you and your family. You’ll gain knowledge, empowering healing techniques and a deeper understanding of how you can harness your body’s innate capacity for self healing.

You’ll Learn:


How energy medicine works and impacts cellular healing on an emotional and physical level.


How you can use tapping algorithms and the meridian system to support healing.


Specific exercises and strategies for incorporating techniques to use right away.

You’ll Receive:


A highly calibrated essential oil blend. The blend is specifically created for you and your continued journey in using the energy systems of the body to self heal.

Use Tapping Algorithms:


To decrease reaction to allergens


To reduce anxiety and stress


For fear and pain


As an immune system boost

Join me for a hands on workshop where you will learn and explore practical applications for energy medicine in daily life for healing and wellbeing. Learn to use the body’s energy systems and vibrational medicine to take your family’s health to the next level.

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