Show your body love and kindness through movement!



by | Nov 19, 2021 | General Health

Your body LOVES to move, from head to toe!

You’re wired for it and your physical and mental health depend on it. Here’s a shocking stat for you:

In less than two generations physical activity dropped by 20% in the UK and 32% in The States – Wondering why? Our work and life movement needs have changed.

You might remember a few years ago when I developed severe sciatica. Pain took over my life and for a few weeks I experienced what it’s like to be immobile. Losing my ability to move freely was one of the lowest moments of my life. About 40% of people in the U.S. experience sciatica sometime during their life. Unfortunately, after recovering not many people decide to make a change in their lifestyle to promote their health. I recovered, and I made a promise that I’d never take movement for granted again. I swore that I’d treat my body with more love and kindness. It’s crucial to exercise and stretch in order to keep the body flexible and strong. So, daily movement is showing yourself compassion. 

Moving your body on a regular basis helps everything from your energy levels, emotions, relationships, memory, ability to learn and your overall quality of life. Here’s just a short list of how movement (walking, dancing, gardening, exercising, doing chores, etc.) has huge payoffs:

1. It can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol
We often think the key to high cholesterol is in the diet, and yes, it does play a huge role. But if you already have high cholesterol levels and you simply change your diet you are not getting rid of the trash stored in your body. You need to help your body by getting moving, it knows how to get rid of the toxins it doesn’t need, but you need to get the process started by supporting a good blood flow and sweating it all out.

2. It can help support brain health

There are many studies that show how much better the brain functions if you are an active person. Increasing exercise is shown to help people have more concentration in their regular tasks. One study even showed middle-aged women who were considered “highly fit” had a lower risk of developing dementia at an early age.

3. It boosts your mood by creating more brain chemicals associated with happiness

I don’t have to explain this one to you, you’ve likely experienced this before. One of those days where you’re not in a good mood and definitely not in the mood for a workout, but you push yourself (because you’re determined and awesome!) and then in the middle of the workout you notice you’re feeling way better. After the workout you feel happy, strong, social, focused and then when bedtime comes you sleep like a baby.

4. It helps you handle stress better

We all get stressed, it’s completely normal whether it’s from work, relationships, children…whatever. Don’t make excuses, if you are stressed or overwhelmed in a task or moment, take a break from it and move your body. Oftentimes you’ll find after a movement break things will seem more manageable, because when you do exercise, you free yourself from negative thoughts and make your head clear to go through your day.

5. It can help improve your focus and attention span

Sitting down for one, two, even three hours straight in front of the computer, can be very tiring. Keeping your mind focused is a difficult task. I don’t recommend you work or study for more than one hour straight without standing up and stretching. Bringing movement and shifting focus for a few minutes between work hours can  help you be more productive. The thing is, when you lose focus, you are still just sitting there, so you are not doing anything helpful in any direction: not moving and also not working. If working doesn’t work, then move!!

6.It can help your body battle inflammation

It’s true that in certain situations, it’s best to rest and let things heal with some time. However with rest other parts of the body that are not injured or in pain, can get restless. Our body is simply MADE for movement, we need to move the joints, the muscles, crack the bones every now and then, stretch, speed up our heart rate, sweat… so our bodies don’t get rusty, like a car that sits still in a garage for too long. 

7. It also helps power your body’s lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is like your own personal army against infection. Because there is no natural “pump” to help your lymphatic system drain toxins, the movement of your muscles is actually responsible for helping to move this important fluid!
Exercise is the key to optimal health!

The great thing about it is that pretty much all forms of movement can help you – stretching, walking, even conquering a mountain of laundry. We know in  21st century society, life moves pretty fast, and we don’t always “find” the time to exercise. That’s why I want to share with you some tips and tricks to simply move more during the day:

1. Walk around when you are talking on the phone
2. Instead of meeting up with friends for a drink or brunch, go for a walk and chat while walking.
3. Exercise with your kids in the park. Instead of sitting down and reading a book whilst they play, go and move around with them.
4. If you work on a desk in front of a computer, set a reminder on your phone to take breaks, stand up and stretch.
5. Skip elevators, take the stairs, no matter how many there are.
6. Put some music on when doing house chores, it will make you dance and  move plus at the same time you’ll be having more fun!
7. Try to take short walks (alone or with your partner/children/pet) after lunch and dinner.
8. Run your errands on foot. Sometimes it’s even faster when you don’t have to search for a parking spot or wait in a traffic jam.
9. Wear a fitness watch. Make note of your daily steps and try to beat your own record each day. 
10. Find yourself a sport or active hobby you really enjoy and try to spend as much time as you can practicing it.

Not everyone’s exercise routine will take place in a gym or aerobic studio. Find movement in your daily life to enhance your health, mood and longevity.

I wish you the best in all your steps towards optimizing your health! I am here to help. I have over 15 years experience in healthcare and I’m your ally, ready to support you with biofeedback testing, bioenergetic resonance and my Loving Kindness Method.  

Be well,


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not meant to replace treatment with a licensed health care practitioner. It is for informational purposes only. Consult with a licensed health care professional to determine which treatments are safe for you.

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